Stop Poaching

Endangered Species

Wildlife crime is now the most urgent threat to many of the world’s species. Incredible giants like elephants and rhinos could be gone from the world before your children would have the chance to coexist with these beautiful and intelligent animals that have roamed Earth for more than 50 million years.

Illegal wildlife trade has sadly exploded to meet a yet increasing demand for elephant ivory, rhino horns and tiger products. The trade is controlled by dangerous crime syndicates who carelessly traffic wildlife much like drugs or weapons.

Prices for the animal parts are rocket-high and is driving the giants to the edge of extinction. Violent slaughterings happen every day so humans can have ornament souvenirs or effectless medications originated from highly endangered species that are being chased, abducted and murdered in their own natural habitats.

Below you can find an interactive infographic, meaning that most images or text pieces are clickable and will lead you to the sources of all material used to make the infographic and present more depth-going articles or videos. You can also find useful links explaining how you can help the animals through fundraising, donation and adoption.

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Elephant/rhino map
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